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Clan Channel Privileges


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We have implemented our new teamspeak clan channel policy in effect from September 15th 2019.

Grace period: All clan channels (members) have been granted a grace period of approximately 7 days from September 15th 2019. In this period all clan channel users are kindly requested to register on our website and facebook page. You will be individually verified by our administration in this period of time.

On September 22nd 2019 we will initiate a lockdown of all channels who failed to comply with our new clan channel policies. 

NOTE: We do not sell server and server slots so please do not request for reserved channel slots or clan member slots.

The new policies are written below:

  • New Channels will be given a 7 days grace period starting from the date of registration to complete our policy requirements for 3 months free usage or to pay for yearly subscription.
     For Pvt. Channel privileges please click on the following link: 
  • Clan Channels are free to use for 3 months(90days) if your clan/group members (at least 80-90%) of them register on our website and like our facebook page.
  • All the existing clan/groups who have already completed the first rule will initiate their 90 days free period from September 22nd 2019.
  • Pricing: Clan/Group Channel pricing will be as follows:
  • Period: Clan/Group Channel service period is 1 year (equivalent to 365 days)
  • Header: (Channel/Group): Header channel will remain free of charge if you buy sub-channels. Header channel cannot be used for communication, chat, file upload/download. You can edit description or change the channel name.
  • Sub-Channel- Each Sub-Channel will be priced @ 100 INR(Indian national rupee) upto 2 sub-channels. In case you are buying more than 2 sub-channels there will be a 15% channel discount i.e your 100 INR channel will be priced only @ 85 INR.
  • Payment method: We currently allow 3 payment methods:
  • Paypal: you can use paypal.
  • Paytm: You can use paytm to send the money.
  • CS:GO items: CS:GO items worth 100 INR with overpay applied. (Overpay is subject to the exchange rates as we receive the money through paypal).
  • If you wish to ignore the free 90 days period you can donate the channel money and directly use our clan/group channel privileges according to the no. of channels you wish to purchase. 
  • Clan/Group Channel system is unique and its privileges do not apply on Private Channel System and vice-versa. 
  • Any privileges new features coming in Teamspeak 5 are not applicable in the features list. (The new features list will be updated once teamspeak 5 is released.)
  1. Password protected channel with opus voice audio quality codec.
  2. Voice quality= 10 (max)
  3. Channel status= permanent for 1 year(equivalent to 365 days)
  4. File browser and upload/download permissions 100 MB/month for each user. (Note: this is only applicable for the file browser sharing service and not for the files shared in the chat system).

Administrative Discretion: Server Administrators are under discretion to terminate your privileges if any user attempts to bug abuse/glitch or temper with the server systems (threatening to DDoS the server).

Administrators are also permitted to add/remove or change any of the server policies in the future but we shall not remove any basic privileges from the system. 

Your channel information about renewal and expiry dates will be posted separately on this board.
Note: Music channel is not part of the clan/group channel plan. In case you decide to buy our music bot you will get the customized music channel (free) with the music bot. (The music bot is priced @ INR 600/year) More information on music bot will be on the following link:
Your current feature list: 

For all current clan channel owners the free clan privileges will apply from September 22nd 2019 for 3 monts (90 days).

Note: VIP Membership plan channel privileges will not include pricing and plans of clan or pvt. channel subscription plans. The VIP membership plans will be entirely separate and will not follow the above rules.

Any queries regarding the rules can be posted down below.


Policy Change 31/03/2023

The following changes are reflected in the first post separately under a new heading Teamspeak 5 Server and Teamspeak 5 Client new features and privileges.

Teamspeak 5 Server & Client Possible Upcoming Features

1) Your current yearly subscription will not allow grant any permissions or privileges for the new server sided screen sharing facility.

2) Your current yearly subscription will not grant any permissions or privileges for the new server sided webcam communication facility.

3) Your current yearly subscription will not allow you to request for a server sided separate chat channel facility.  (your current chat privileges will be impacted).

4) Any new system which permits the creation of web based bots (music bots, chat bots, info bots, etc) will not be allowed on the server without express and written permission by the RGI Leadership. New bots can be created by the server administration or purchased from the internet by the Revolution-Gaming Leadership for lease. 

5) Any new feature which massively impacts on increased network or memory usage by the server will not be permitted.

6) Any new glitch or exploits which may allow the user to intentionally and/or mischievous usage of the exploit to increase server memory or bandwidth usage will result in immediate termination of their membership.

7) Updates and Changes in Server Rules and Membership Policies: The updates in the policy change on March 31st 2023 are subjected to change. New rules and policies can be added according to the need of the server. As there is no anticipation of Teamspeak 5 Server and Client going in open beta release we do not have full diclosure of new features for the application. We are moving with the new rules according to the information available through beta testing and social media posts.

8). Additional Charges: All new users must comply to the fact in case the RGI Community moves to Teamspeak 5 Server (Currently we are on Teamspeak 3 server) may result in additional server usage or memory usage which may result in increase in pricing in the future period of your current subscription. (We will try to keep it as nominal as possible as we have no intentions of monetizing from the server.)  Due to an uncertain nature of Teamspeak Server and Client development and no release dates we are in the dark as well.

9) Status of Channels and Channel Owners who fail to pay the the additional charge: As this is one of the most trusted teamspeak servers of India we will not terminate memberships or remove channels even if the users fail to pay the additional charges. We will be reducing their total yearly subscription period according to the additional charges which they defaulted to pay. The channels will be further removed only after express warning and additional grace period which may last on administrative discretion.


1)Any permissions to test new bots (any type of bot) must be approved by Bituspy.

2) Any permissions to create new chat channels or any TS5 feature must be approved by Bituspy.

3) Any permissions/privileges required for using new TS5 features must be expressely permitted by the RGI Leadership.


Termination of old Membership

1) All verified members with no affiliation or subscription to a permanent private/clan channel will have their memberships terminated on April 30th 2023.

2) In case you had a membership before but you do not wish to renew your channel, the members of the group will no longer hold verified member rank (permanent membership) and all members will be moved to temporary member rank.

3) All channel privileges, ranks, level and badges will be removed for the users on termination of their memberships on the provided date in clause 1.

4) Your levels will be reset and the administration will not be liable for any loss of data.


For further queries or information please contact Bituspy.

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