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  1. Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends. Enjoy this day!
  2. We have recently started scripting of FiveM GTA Online servers. Main Developer: Bladesides. We will be soon giving you updates regarding the release of the server.
  3. Wow nice your work is extraordinary.
  4. Hi, All sorts of trading is allowed in here but be warned, Revolution Gaming India Community or any of its admins are not liable for any scammers. This board is just here to make a platform for traders and not for anything else. The staff will still be monitoring the trade inventories but will not interfere in any trade by any means.
  5. I tell you everytime to throw this stupid gay gun away but no :D
  6. Looking for Offers on AK 47 Bloodsport factory new. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bituspy96/inventory/
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bituspy96/inventory/ Looking for Offers on Bowie Knife tiger tooth Factory New
  8. On August 5th Indian Govt. took a major decision and scrapped Article 35 A and 370. They also changed the state of Jammu and Kashmir into 2 separate Union territories of India. Great move under our Prime Minister.
  9. Former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj Passes away @ 67 yrs. One of the greatest ministers and the biggest example of women empowerment. RIP.
  10. Everyone gets offended :D
  11. Mention your favorite movies here. My favorite ones are: Lord of the rings series Avengers franchise Uri: The surgical strike
  12. Hi, I know we all are very new to this website concept but we should work together and build this community up. As we all know we are facing this problem of slots getting full on our teamspeak server since a while now. We should get together and start working on building this community so we can gain more slots and also work with teamspeak so we can make their new project TEAMSPEAK 5 a big hit. If we are lucky Teamspeak Community will recognize our efforts and give us some of their appreciation. Good Luck boys keep up the activity.
  13. Hi, Bituspy here, I am the owner of Revolution Gaming India. I love to play CS:GO and PUBG. I occasionally play GTA V sometimes.
  14. Hi, You can use this board to introduce yourself like the games you play, things you like, hobbies, etc. Your steam ID, username, facebook id etc.
  15. You can post anything regarding CS:GO Trading. You can look for players who are selling something or buying something. When creating a topic please mention one of the following: Buying items. [S Selling skin(s)] [LF] Looking for skins
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