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    I am a dedicated csgo player....loves to sing and play guitar..
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    We have recently started scripting of FiveM GTA Online servers. Main Developer: Bladesides. We will be soon giving you updates regarding the release of the server.
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    petikot mein dhoom dhadaka
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    I tell you everytime to throw this stupid gay gun away but no :D
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    Hello there, I am Pyush Chamoli, better known by my online aliases, BladeSides and YBUltimate. I do various sorts of stuff, ranging from video editing, graphics, and game development. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCof9N20Azx2Y7XAJINdqaCA https://bladesides.itch.io/ https://bladesides.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BladeSides https://www.facebook.com/YBUltimate/ Join my Discord: http://discord.gg/vtqbRtK
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    My favorite movies: Persona 3 - The Movie (Whole Collection) The Garden of Words A Silent Voice Your Name The Grave Of The Fireflies
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    Hey, I am Aman " Mighty3vil " Singh A CS:GO Pro Player from Pune I am a 4th year BE MECH Student GGWP 🙂 p.s - Love to bait people xD p.s.2. mai madarchod hu
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