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    Old People Team with slow reflexes!

  2. nile


  3. Need updating of the current situation. PS.: Looking for any helping hand who want to contribute without any politics relating to the administration.
  4. Sue me and get your frustrations being left here for my punctusl behaviour @Bituspy 😄
  5. Will be updated politically. Stay tuned.
  6. Hitman series GTA series Need for speed series Witcher series
  7. Welcome to our community!! Enjoy your stay! 😄 We hope you like us!
  8. nile


    Enjoy your stay!
  9. Ty ❤️ though idk if we should allow this or not.
  10. nile

    Yo Bitches!

    Mambu 😘
  11. Revolution Gaming India's Official Teamspeak Server status and info! IP: ts.revolution-gaming.in Pass: N/A This is a Public Teamspeak server. For channels and verification, contact any TSA on server!
  12. Official Board for PUBG PC. Very exciting updates will be posted soon. Stay tuned!
  13. ha tu madarchod hai aaj confirmed
  14. This board is for PUBG MOBILE ONLY players. Please emulator players stay away from this board. We do not support hybrid impotent. Thank you for your cooperation. Cheers!
  15. Hello Bitu nice to meet you something something
    Five fuckin stars! GGWP game fucking shit hackers!
  16. There is only one rule and it is most important, that is: There's no fucking madarchod behenchod rule of this section of the forum! xD You can abuse anyone including me or any fucking one! But pls no Anti-Modi and Anti-BJP stuffs, I get offended!
  17. Hello, I'm Nilesh 'nile' Ranjan from Bihar 😄 I'm 3rd yr CSE student and eyes and ears of this forum 😄 Enjoy xoxo :c PS: I'll update this topic some years later when I realize this was a big project 😄😄
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