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Private Channel Privileges

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Hello Everyone,

We have implemented our new teamspeak private channel policy which is in effect from September 15th 2019. 

Grace Period: All private channels have been granted a grace period of approximately 7 days effectively from September 14th 2019. In this period of time all users are kindly requested to register on our website and like our facebook page. You will be individually be verified by our administrators in this period of time.

On September 20th 2019 we will lock down the private channel privileges for all users who failed to follow our policies.

Note: We do not sell server slots so please do not request for reserved channel slots or member slots.

The policy rules are written down below:

  • New channel users will be given a 7 days grace period starting from the date of registration to complete our policy requirements of free channel subscription or to pay for the yearly subscription.
  • Private Channels are free to use for 3 months if you and your channel members register on our website, join our discord server and like our facebook page.
  • At least 5 members should register on our website and like our page to gain these privileges. (If you have less than 5 members in total then your free time will be reduced to 30 days)
  • Policy Update January 5th 2020: 30 days free even for the groups whose members do not register on our website or support our facebook initiative.
  • Channel Prices after 3 months= 100 INR(Indian National Rupee) for one year which can be paid either through paytm or through csgo items(only) worth Rs.100 with overpay applied. (Overpay is subject to the exchange rates as we will receive the money through paypal.)(paytm charge= 105 rupees inclusive of all taxes.)
  • You can also ignore the registration process on our website and facebook page and directly use our premium privileges by donating INR 100.
  • Your channel information of renewal and expiry dates will be posted on a separate topic on this board.
  • Private channel system is unique and its privileges do not apply towards the clan channel system and vice-versa. For clan channel system rules please refer to the following link: 
  • Any privileges/new features coming in Teamspeak 5 are not applicable in the features list. (The new features list will be updated once teamspeak 5 is released.)
  • Your current feature list will be unaffected (no changes in the current privileges)
  • Channel Prices will remain unchanged after Teamspeak 5 release.
  • Your private channel (once paid) will give you the following privileges:
  1.   Password protected channel with Opus Voice Audio Codec.
  2. Voice Quality= 10(max)
  3. Channel Status= permanent (for one year equivalent to 365 days)
  4. File browser and upload/download permissions. 100 MB upload/download for each user every month. (NOTE: this is only applicable for the file sharing service and not for the files shared in chat system.)

Administrative Discretion: Administrators are under discretion to remove your privileges if any user on your channel tries to abuse any bugs/glitches or temper with the server or the system(like threatening to DDoS the server). 

Administrators are also permitted to add/remove or change any of the server policies in the future but it shall not effect any of the basic privileges from the system.

For all the current Private Channel owners the 90 days(3 months) free privileges will apply from September 20th 2019.

Note: VIP Membership plan channel privileges will not include pricing and plans of clan or pvt. channel subscription plans. The VIP membership plans will be entirely separate and will not follow the above rules.

Any queries regarding the rules can be posted down below.

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Policy Update January 5th 2020:

1) In order to gain the 3 months free privileges you have to register on our website, like our facebook page and join our discord server. By doing that you are supporting our community.

2) If any group fails to get a minimum of 4-5 registrations on the following sites then their free period is reduced to 30 days only as you have not complied with our policies.

3) If you plan on deleting your channel as you cannot pay for it the system always keeps a watch on the channels that were owned by your group/clan so in case you want to gain free privileges again we will not allow you to make a free channel by abusing the system and you will be instantly charged for having your own private channel.

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We are not giving channels for free at this moment mate. You can use free channel prvileges by creating your own temporary channel.

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