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  1. nile


    Old People Team with slow reflexes!

  2. nile


  3. Need updating of the current situation. PS.: Looking for any helping hand who want to contribute without any politics relating to the administration.
  4. Sue me and get your frustrations being left here for my punctusl behaviour @Bituspy 😄
  5. Will be updated politically. Stay tuned.
  6. Hitman series GTA series Need for speed series Witcher series
  7. Welcome to our community!! Enjoy your stay! 😄 We hope you like us!
  8. nile


    Enjoy your stay!
  9. Revolution Gaming India's Official Teamspeak Server status and info! IP: ts.revolution-gaming.in Pass: N/A This is a Public Teamspeak server. For channels and verification, contact any TSA on server!
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