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  1. Teamspeak, discord - all that VoIP based stuff dont work in the UAE my man, else I'd surely have had more friends. Apne desi sabh discord pe hai. Very few guys still use game talk.
  2. CS GO, PUBG and on the console side I played a LOT of Uncharted 2/The Last Of Us both on the campaign and MP side. Its MP was heavily underrated. But yeah, fully invested on CSGO and PUBG as of now. Will digress over to TLOU2 whenever it comes out. COD comes in when I need a pick up and shoot sorts.
  3. So when is this? Details?
  4. MG1 but rank in this game hardly speak about skill.
  5. An Indian living in Dubai, isliye to yaha! Jai Hind. Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kuyrwtf CS GO Rank: Was a LEM, dropped to GN as I abandoned CS due to the hackers. Now back on the grind and oscillating between MGE and MG1 🙂 Rank really doesn't say much. Over 3k hours, so yeah, kind shitbuckety? PUBG: More recent as I found a few friends. Around 300 hrs. Scrub.
  6. Hello all, aRyuk here. Gamer till I die so don't ask - 36, Dubai. Play a bunch of CS GO and PUBG. Would love to be part of a community. Cheers!
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